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The Advantages Of Having Portable Guardrails As Your Roof Fall Protection Systems

Benefits That Portable Guardrails Are Able to Provide For Roof Fall Protection Systems

To ensure that the workplace of your employees is kept safe all the time, you have to make a critical decision every day especially if you are the safety manager. It is the job of a safety manager to keep himself updated with the latest laws and select the best processes to secure the workers. If you want to ensure that your employees are kept safe all the time, a non-penetrating roof fall protection system is the best choice for you.

In 252,00 construction sites, there are 6.5 million individuals who are working every day around the world and thousands of them get injured fatally each year. People who are working in high places are most likely to fall that is why this is considered as the most common cause of these fatalities. Workers who are not well provided with horizontal lifeline systems are most probably included in the number of fatalities. There are guidelines that should be followed in the installation of fall protection guardrail systems and these should be strictly followed to ensure the safety of the workers. Rooftop fall protection system is required by the law otherwise you will not be allowed to operate your business.

Before you decide on what kind of fall protection guardrail systems you are going to use, make sure that you know the comparison between the two and what could cater to your needs better. Below is a list of the benefits that can be derived from the use of portable guardrails that you need to take note of.

No penetration
The roof will be kept intact if you are able to make use of the non-penetrating option for roof fall protection systems that is why this is preferred by most. You don’t need to put the warranty and integrity of your roof on the line since no drill will be made with non-penetrating roof fall protection systems. Non-penetrating guardrails are very durable because they have bases that are composed of cast irons. The integrity of the owner’s rood is kept safe as long as the bases for the non-penetrating roof railing system is placed feet apart from each other.

You can be abel to secure the roof fall protection system to your roof with a permanent system, however, tehre will be leaks and holes in the roof which will nullify the validity of its warranty. Permanent systems require you to make a drill in your roof and this will surely consume a lot of your time and if you decide of making any changes in your roof, you will have to reseal it and this could cost you a lot.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Supplies? This May Help

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