The Importance of Having a Map to Navigate Bali

The moment you decide to go to Bali in your next holiday trip, you need to keep bali indonesia map handy. Bali is not a huge island, per se, but it is intricate in its street and road system. So, unless you want to waste your time figuring out which street leads to where, a map is definitely of great importance. It does not matter what kind of maps you choose to use. If you have one, a digital GPS may be helpful while most smartphones have built-in maps on them that you can use. Just turn the map on and you are ready to explore Bali in no time. Just be mindful of your battery percentage; keep portable power banks at arm’s length to recharge your phone. But if you are not technologically inclined, then physical, regular maps will do too. The only downside there is to this is that the maps will not be able to precisely tell you where you are at any given time. The advantage a conventional map has over the digital one is of course there is no battery involved. Just make sure you get the latest one as the old maps may not feature things that are there just until recently.

Whichever your preference might be, do not let this matter of how to navigate Bali hinders your excitement. Bali has too many things to enjoy to be bothered by getting lost in your way. While in a crowded place such as Kuta or Denpasar, you may not find it hard to get to someplace. There are direction boards installed by the streets so you will only have to follow the direction given. If nothing else, you can still ask people for a direction. They will be more than happy to help you out.

But when it comes to finding a way to get somewhere away from crowded place (like, when you are trying to get to Ubud, which is miles away from Kuta), a map is definitely an essential to keep in hands. The area spanning between Kuta and Ubud is sparsely populated, especially when you take alternative routes and go there without a local guide/driver. In this case, it would be difficult to find someone to ask for a direction. Even when you take main route, which is densely inhabited, you can still get lost in your way to Ubud as there is only a little direction board installed by the street. So, once again, a map would be your best friend on the road.