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Common Signs and Symptoms of Depression and How to Detect a Depressed Person

Depression has become a gigantic condition and continue to affect people of all ages, thus, the need to be dealt with. Problem is, the affected person may fail to know when depression has hit and usually mistakes it for other common ailments. Elevated bad moods as well as a prolonged phase of sadness are first signs of depression and should be handled as such. Check out NYC Therapy and Wellness to get help when going through depression and anxiety.

How do you tell if a person is suffering from depression?

When a person becomes unhappy and has no interest in most frequent activities, consult a health specialist like NYC Therapy and Wellness immediately. A health specialist is best placed to diagnose the patient with signs of depression. In a bid to establish a treatment program, the specialist will seek to know the causes of depression in a patient. At NYC Therapy and Wellness, the team have developed great ways of handling and treating patients with depression to recovery. Depression treatment and recovery process also requires the input of the patient as well and the patient has to show and develop the urge to get help. The treatment process includes running of various tests as well as the establishment of the root cause of depression and anxiety for the specialist to know where to start with the patient. The health specialist will require to know more about the patient, learn the history of the patient, thus, as the patient, be sure to provide correct and honest answers.

What are the symptoms of depression?

A patient with depression has continued loss of appetite and do not take enough food. Due to failure to eat, the person starts losing weight. The patient may however not notice the weight loss as they are not intentionally refusing to eat.

The feeling of always been tired and exhausted is also another common sign of depression. There is usually loss of enough energy to perform basic duties be it at school, or even at work, thus the person will always fail to complete tasks. Even for the tasks that you were enjoying doing before suffering from depression, interest I typically list. The patient loses interest to perform any activity.

Another common symptom of depression is that the patient develops a low self-esteem. The patient will not want to be with other people and normally withdraws and remains alone all the time as well as the feeling of been unworthy to other people. Most time, the person isolates herself and is usually found in places alone, sad and moody.

another sign of depression is the urge to take one’s life. The person attempts suicide as the only solution to depression.

With the common signs outlined above, always seek proper help from health specialists like NYC Therapy and Wellness whenever you start developing any of the signs.

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