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A Guide to Choosing Adult Trikes

Adult trikes or tricycles are three-wheeled cycling vehicles powered by human to move. They are often utilized for cardio activity rather than using the traditional two-wheeled bicycle. These trikes come in three designs. With a plethora of models and designs available in the market, it may not be easy finding the right choice, especially if you have not owned a tricycle before.

Nevertheless, adult trikes are more identical than they are differences and the differences are when it comes to personal liking. Therefore, how do you identify the best adult trike? Keep reading the guide and know how to select the best tricycle.

When it comes to choosing trikes, position will matter. They usually come in upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent options, all offering outstanding cardio workouts.
For the recumbent and semi-recumbent tricycles, you will need to stretch out a bit when riding and you will be much lower to the surface. If you are not into something with intense body positioning when riding, the recumbent and semi-recumbent options make excellent options as they have space and weight disbursement. On the other hand, upright trikes are more comfy for hand positioning, back as well as seat comfort. Your lower back is exposed to less pressure and make it easier to change body position.

Moreover, look at the seat when buying an adult trike. Getting the ideal sized trike guarantees better control when stopping as the rider can plant both feet on the surface. But falling is not much of a concern with trike because their designs ensure the trike has a steady center of gravity and are three-wheeled, meaning stopping is easier. However, if you still want to feel in control and have comfort doing it, then it is best to go for the saddle seats which are wide and comfortable. However, if you desire to have a seat offering back support, then choose the sling seats. The recumbent and semi-recumbent trikes have sling seats where comfort is higher, and they are lower to the ground; hence, falling shouldn’t be an issue. The saddle seat is for people who want that feel associated with riding a bicycle where you take an upright position.

Another thing to look at is the handlebars; decide whether you want thee conventional, chopper or loop handlebars. The conventional or traditional curved handlebars are suitable for people with normal motion range and decent upper body strength. For the chopper, handlebars are almost the same to the conventional handlebars as they require the rider to have good upper body strength and use their hand, arm, and shoulders fully. However, they can be used for both upright and recumbent models. On the other hand, loop handlebars enable the rider to steer any part of the loop; therefore, work best for people with lower upper strength.

Last but not least factor the aspect of weight capacity. Different manufacturers have different weight limits for their trike models. This means you will come across a substantial difference in weight capacity between different models and manufacturers. With that in mind, be cautious about what you settle for. Ensure that your trike will handle your body weight.

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