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Guidelines for Purchasing a CPAP Machine

A CPAP machine offers pressurized air to your windpipe that keeps your airway from collapsing when you sleep at night. After you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, the other thing you should do is get a machine that will perform well for you. Even after settling on a manufacturer, there are guidelines you should follow when acquiring a CPAP machine like explained in this article.

You need to consider data recording. Many CPAP machines have capabilities of data recording. While some machines record more than information such as how long the machine was in use at night, others have the ability to record detailed information such as the leak rates, apnea events, information on snoring, and changes in pressure, among more. This information is crucial in checking daily, weekly, or monthly averages. Whilst most machines let users look at their personal data information, others are restrained for clinical viewing only. Also, check if the machine has remote monitoring capability.

Make sure you consider a mask with an on/off alert. Some sleepers make sudden movements and turn during sleep. When this takes place, it is possible for their masks to lose its seal hence coming off. Some CPAP machines come with an alarm that sound and makes a sleeper to wake up thereby informing them that their masks have become detached.

You should put the mask into keener consideration. Finding the right mask is among the most vital aspects of CPAP use compliance. With so many mask styles, sizes, and shapes, selecting a mask that suits you well can be a hard task because there is no mask that can suit all the patients. The most elementary thing is to get a mask that works well for your own breathing needs, comfort levels and sleep habits.

Make sure you factor in the noise. While nearly each CPAP machine is made whisper quiet, their level of quietness is different. In case sound is an issue to you, be keen on the decibel levels of every machine then choose the most suitable.

Make sure you check the portability. In case you are a frequent traveler, you should go for a CPAP machine that is small, lightweight, and compact. It is important to select a machine with a variety of plug-in adapters such as international plugs, DC power supply, and more. Additionally, make sure the machine gives an alternative to use a movable battery.

Leak compensation should be considered. In case your mask is leaking for whatever reason, a CPAP machine with this feature can compensate by raising the airflow to make sure you are getting the prescribed pressure all the time.

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