Ways to Spot Roof Trouble

The majority of homeowners are likely to ignore trouble with their roof until they find dark spots on the ceilings or feel an actual leak. But the truth is that roof issues begin long before you can physically see the signs inside your home. In fact, once these signs are found inside your home, it may translate into a major renovation project. Look for a free roofing estimate, as you determine whether your roof is in need of repair.

  • Consider the age of your roof before you begin an evaluation. The majority of roofs are designed to last up to 25 years, but that time will vary based on variables like maintenance and weather. Some roofers only pull up some of the shingles before adding new ones, which can make it difficult to determine the age of the roof. A qualified vendor can help you determine the true age.
  • The first visual sign of roofing trouble is shingles that have begun to curl. From the ground you can clearly see the shingles in the sunlight; those missing granules or with lifted edges will need to be replaced.
  • Missing shingles are another major sign of roof trouble; this occurs with age or after a storm. Roofs will look uneven in color when this occurs.